Starting off

So when delving into the world of interning, being aware of what you want to get out of it, achieve and go forward, is what’s important. Currently I am a freelance video editor, I generally edit promo videos, music videos and behind the scenes things that I have also shot and put together myself.  I’m also very interested in Video Art as I come from a fine art background.

My technical experience is okay, but I lack some of the important skills, e.g. in Avid (now, the industry standard editing software) and also I am not used to working with creative directors, producers or editing videos that were not shot by me .e.g. format shows. What I need is experience as part of a creative company or production company in order to understand the workflow and mechanisms of working within a bigger and more professional environment.

A big obstacle is having connections, as a lot of the time in the creative industry networking is essential and to get your foot in the door it is who you know not what you know.

Another difficulty to tackle is starting so far down the bottom of the ladder and not gaining enough experience or insight in the role I want to pursue later on, I need to make sure I keep my options open and stick with it even on days where I think its leading no where.

I will use the contacts I have in London, though they are minimal, to point me in the right direction about who to get in touch with and also make a list of companies that I would like to work in or that I think are suitable for me to learn from.

I want to use this year to find out about as many different kinds of positions as I can, to find out what kind of working environment suits me best; big or small working area, groups of people, films or commercials. It also will help me become more familiar with how people work and what different companies expect from their employees. I will be posting my thoughts as I go along and to see where this year takes me…



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