Who to Apply to?

Throughout the second year of our Industry practice course we have to keep a record about our time in a professional post house and any other freelance projects that we get throughout the year.

When I was thinking about what companies to apply to, one place that I thought about was Envy Post Production. They are one of the leading post-production companies in London based in Soho.

I had heard about Envy as I had visited their facilities in my first year and went on a tour of one of their buildings. Mat Appleton came in and talked to us about the whole Post Production sector, what he looked for in runners, how to get his attention and pretty much what Envy was all about.

Envy specialise in off-line and online editing, VFX, grading from long-form to commercials and work with the likes of The BBC, ITV and Channel 4. This interested me. To work in such a highly reputable and busy post production company would be perfect for me to see what its like to work in the industry and get a feel if it’s a path I can see myself going down. I want to use this year to try a few different things out and not necessarily tie myself down to one specific job.


Who do they hire?

Runners, from what it looked like they take on a lot of runners because they have 5 buildings to take care of. Also, they have a special section to their company called Envy Academy where they take on work experience students who want to get their foot in the door. They also put on Master classes from professionals in the industry.

I thought, why not? They have the structure there, they are linked with Skillset and they do exactly what I want to do. Post-production editing. Apart from that, I had only a few other ideas but had no knowledge of the other post-production companies in London.


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