My First Day

My first day came around and it was time to begin as a runner in Envy Post Production in Rathbone Place (their main post house). I managed to get a 4 week paid internship and I’m really going to use it to soak in as much about the industry as I can. I have the opportunity to really find out what the day to day running of a busy media company is like, where deadlines matter and competition high.

There was a only one requirement, a black shirt, after that I was completely unprepared. When I arrived I was feeling good because my friend Tom, a classmate of mine at Ravensbourne, was head runner there so I thought he would be able to show me around and help me settle in. Anyway it turns out he’s on holiday for a week so instead I was shown around by Oonah. Upon entering the kitchen, I was greeted by about 7 other runners dotted around a huge stainless steel table which was when  I was whisked away on a tour of the building. Rathbone Place houses online and offline suites, VFX, Audio and colour grading suites and is the main hub of Envy Post. There are over 30 operating rooms (editing, colour grading, audio mixers, VFX) where the ops work with clients. They are top of the range and plush with huge screens, mixing desks,  sofas and everything needed to accommodate the operator and play to the ego of the client. There are 3 machine rooms, the library and production area. (where all the producers and client services people work)

If you are working full time in Envy you have to do your training outside of work hours which is expected of you if you want to be promoted. Try and make yourself noticed and you will do well here. e.g. work hard and train as much as possible. The normal stuff applies and was told that everyone is paying attention to what you are doing, so if you do it well you’ll go far.

My first day was fine and I did a few runs to rooms and to other buildings. I will write a post on the guide to a runners job next and what it all entails. Nobody asked me to do anything obscure or difficult and I asked lots of questions in order not to be caught out. It seems like there is a lot of coffee and tea making and I will keep fit running around everywhere.


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