The Guide to being a Runner

A Runner’s Life

There are nearly 40 runners in total working for Envy, and they’re spread across 5 different post production houses in Soho. There are about 7 or so in Rathbone Place where I am currently located.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the home of the runners. Here they are connected to all of the rooms via two phones. It is this way that operators can ring and request coffee, lunch or whatever they need from the runners for themselves or their clients. The reception, library and machine rooms also ring in to ask for a “run” between rooms or to different buildings with tapes.

Running Etiquette

Professionalism and discretion is very important. Being discreet and respectable is very much appreciated in this industry, so as you deliver coffee and lunch to these people making inappropriate comments will not get you very far.


Quick on your feet and doing your job quickly and well, is noticed. Try your best to do every tasked asked of you from a latté to delivering a tape to another production company as a fast as possible.

Team Work

In such a high pressured and efficient work place everyone works together to help each other out and get whatever job done quickly. You help somebody do whatever is needed because it makes your job easier and the whole environment a lot more peaceful and relaxed. Each role in a production company is important to make the company a smooth running operation.

Machine Room and Library

When you’re asked to deliver a tape to ANY place inside Envy or outside Envy you must, on every account, go to the Library which is where all tapes are logged in, marked as moved or checked out. If you do not do this then they will not know where a tape is and with such a high work flow this is vital. If at any point I am unsure of where to go, the Library must also be noted of the movement of any tape or files.


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