Training: The Library – the check point of post production

My First Day of Official Training

I finally got my first official training day and was sent to The Library. Here is where I take any tapes, hard drives etc. that are being moved from place to place to be scanned and logged. I sat in with Caspian who was going to train how to the system and the workflow they go by.


The Significance of The Library – Everything must go through the library to be logged in or checked out of the system. So every time a tape or rushes from a show come into Envy they are processed here eg. given a unique barcode, linked up with the client working orders and sent to the appropriate machine room. When this happens you then have to send an email to the in-house producers letting them know exactly what has happened, what files were logged, where they were sent and who they are for. Once a file/tape is logged into Envy its movements are tracked the entire time whether it is moved from audio to VFX or another Envy location until it is completely checked out of the company. It is a very strict work flow, not too complicated, but must be done properly.


Why? Firstly, and most obviously, it is important to have an organized filing system in any company be it in the creative industries or not. However, in the TV industry in particular deadlines are tight and money is high so mistakes are costly. Every single episode of a programme, rushes, drives and tapes need to be tracked just in case a producer suddenly needs it at the drop of a hat. Also, often deadlines are short and shows need to be in and out within a mere week or even few days!


Accountability – It was stressed the importance of letting people know on who’s instructions you were acting upon when doing any task e.g. “as per ins _____ ” was to be written at the end of every email sent by the library after logging footage/tapes. Caspian said himself that if anything did go missing or sent to the wrong place that then it wasn’t on your head.


My Turn

Then the spotlight was on me an I had a go at the task of logging in 3 new tapes that had come in from Top Gear who had switched their business to Envy after being with Evolution. A side note on that is that Envy now had to log ALL of Top Gear’s footage since the first series…they had boxes full of tapes coming in every day. He also said Top Gear are giving them great business but also ridiculously demanding wanting everything as soon as they click their fingers. So with great business comes higher responsibility and working with even more demanding clients. A tape with rushes from a shoot with a helicopter and expensive Ferraris…can’t really go missing now can they? That would be expensive to re-shoot.



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